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61dChip 1.0 (

Gene expression microarrays analysis made easy. dChip is for probe-level like the Affymetrix platform and high-level analysis of gene expression microarrays and SNP microarrays.Gene expression or SNP data from various microarray platforms can also...

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62A* Pathfinder 1.0 (

A* Pathfinder is a simple utility to demonstrate the A* pathfinding algorithm, can find the shortest path between two points of your choice. All you have to do here is set the start and end points in the grid by right-clicking and choosing the...

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Compute predicted normalized elution time values for peptide sequences. The NET Prediction Utility can be used to compute predicted normalized elution time (NET) values for a list of peptide sequences. The elution times are intended for use with...

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64Simple Pendulum Model 1.0 (

Simple pendulum dynamics simulation. Simple Pendulum model displays the dynamics of a simple pendulum. The pendulum is initially displaced from equilibrium and the pendulum bob has zero initial velocity. The initial position of the pendulum bob...

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65Balancing Chemical Equations 1.00 (

Balancing Chemical Equationsenable you to verify if the chemical equations you are working on are balanced. Useful for both students and teacher.sSample Learning Goals1. Balance a chemical equation.2. Recognize that atoms are conserved in a...

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662 Kinetmatics Racers 1.0 (

Study kinematics and projectile motion with this simulation. 2 Kinetmatics Racers set initial parameters for two objects that will then undergo either accelerated or constant velocity motion. You can set the start position (x), initial velocity...

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67RepeatAround 2.1 (

Analyze circular genomes with this application. RepeatAround is a software designed for finding different kinds of repeats in circular DNA sequences (as mitochondrial or randomly generated ones) and for comparing the repeats in different...

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68fitk2 1.3.1 (

Non-linear fitting made easy. fitk2 help you with non-linear fitting of one-tissue compartment model to plasma and tissue time-activity curves (TACs) to estimate K1, k2 and Vb.Parameters: 1) Plasma file (corrected for labeled metabolites) 2) Blood...

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69Master Math Word Problems 1.9j (

Solving word problems is an area where elementary students overwhelmingly display difficulties. Master Math Word Problems is a outstanding tool to help students become better at solving word problems through practice. This software creates word...

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70Refresh Ratio 4.0 (

Refresh Ratio will refresh ratio in (BD) FCS list-files. Select the file to be processed in the main window and update the parameter list.

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71Basic Calculator 1.0 (

Very Basic java Calculator using java web start! All you have to do is click on "cal.jnlp" file to run the basic web start calculator. Small and simple calculator.Requirements:* Java

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72WRF Portal 2.75 (

WRF Portal is a convenient, easy-to-use GUI designed to take you through the entire process of running WRF: creating a domain (using the built-in WRF Domain Wizard component that generates your namelist.wps and namelist.input files), creating and...

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73Paypal eBay Fee Calculator 1.0.0 (

Install this Ebay/Paypal calculate to quickly calculate fees for your ebay listings. There are two modes advance, which is detailed and basic, less detailed. Many options to choose from giving better calculations and more accuracy.

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74Virtual Calc 2000 2000a (

Virtual Calc 2000 supports arbitrary precision, arbitrary base, huge numbers, expressions, cut and paste, GUI interface, and more. A feature packed arbitrary precision virtual calculator with high precision capabilities offering revolutionary...

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75Sky Navigator 2.02 (

View the current star positions from your location. Sky Navigator is a small utility that can provide you with details about star positioning, solar system view, ephemeris data for the planets, moon and sun, star map etc.This is an astronomy...

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