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76blo2kbq 3.8.0 (

Extract blood TACs with this tool. blo2kbq can extract and calibrate blood TACs measured using automatic blood sampling systems (ABSS, "blood pump").Here is an example for using this tool: blo2kbq -i=O -d=O...

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77ABNER 1.5 (

ABNER (A Biomedical Named Entity Recognizer) is for molecular biology text analysis. At ABNERs core is a statistical machine learning system using linear-chain conditional random fields (CRFs) with a variety of orthographic and contextual...

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78Protein Insight 2.2 (

Protein Insight is a outstanding software that allows you to visualize protein structures. A the Microsoft Direct3D and the Microsoft .net framework based protein structure visualization platform. Because Protein Insight completely utilize a...

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79Syntainia (

View multiple genomes with Syntainia. The objective of this project is to provide an innovative tool for visualization of multiples genomes. Written in Java, it presents a simple and intuitive user interface to view and manipulate the...

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80Genetic Code 1.0 (

Study the genetic code with this tool. Genetic Code can display the universal genetic code, the one- and three-letter amino acid codes, the biochemical structures of the amino acids, and amino-acid similarity (Dayhoff matrix).

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81Matrix Editor 2.1.1 (

Matrix Editor is a windows application, that designated to simplify the processes of creation and editing TRANSFAC(R)(BIOBASE product) nucleotide weight matrices (transcription factor weight matrices), and appropriate matrix sets profiles.NOTE:1....

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82Flow Investigation using N-Dimensions 0.3.1 (

Flow Investigation using N-Dimensions (FIND) is a software designed for analysis and visualization of Flow Cytometry data. FIND focuses specifically on automated population discovery (clustering) methods. The project targets both users and...

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83imginteg 1.3.1 (

imginteg can help you calculate an AUC (integral over time) image from PET image in ECAT 6.3, 7.x or Analyze 7.5 format. In case of static image, the matrix values are simply multiplied by the frame duration.The pixel values of resulting integral...

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84Expression Solver 0.3.2 Beta (

Expression Solver is a mathematical software for you to use. It computes the value of a mathematical equation / expression. It is able to work with simply operators, numbers, variables, and functions and both variables and functions can be user...

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85Eureqa 0.83 Beta (

Eureqa (pronounced "eureka") is a utility tool for detecting equations and hidden mathematical relationships in your data. Its goal is to identify the simplest mathematical formulas which could describe the underlying mechanisms that...

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86jMHC 1.0.387 (http://www.https:)

jMHC is a utility for analyzing and visualization of the results of deep amplicon sequencing. This software can be used for analyzing and visualization of the results of deep amplicon sequencing, as currently performed using 454 technology, but as...

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87PDLII 1.0 (

PDLII is design for the Avanti PDLII Quad antenna. It enable you in designing and Avanti PDLII Quad antenna. The Avanti PDLII Quad (tm) of the 70s was known for its outstanding performance. The secret of the design was to drive the quad with a...

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88MaG GPA Calculator 1.0 (

Calculate GPAs fast and easy. Thousands of GPA calculators fill the internet, but I have never seen a Good One that can fit varying grades values and give information that will help the user predict how his performance in the future will affect...

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89DupTree 1.0 (

Scale gene tree parsimony analysis made easy. DupTree is a software for phylogenetic analyses using gene tree parsimony. That is, given a collectionof binary gene trees, DupTree searches for a species supertree that implies the fewest number of...

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90NetDyn 1.0 (

Gene network growing simulation. NetDyn help you simulate gene network growing. A command prompt based tool. This software runs and generates a gene network with the given size. Several parmeters for the network are calculated: Average node...

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