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121crscale 1.0.0 (

Count rate file with this software. crscale help you scale a count rate file into the level of a time activity curve (TAC) in DFT file.DFT file is assumed to contain two columns: time column and one TAC. If more than one TACs exist, only the first...

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122Semiconductors 1.05 (

Watch how semiconductors work with the help of this tool. Semiconductors enables you to dope the semiconductor to create a diode or transistor. Watch the electrons change position and energy.Sample Learning Goals1. Recognize that the battery is...

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123Mr. Avagadro 1.0 (

Mr. Avagadro is a set of 4 calculators related to chemistry. It contains the following calculators: Ideal Gas Law calculator, Boyles Law calculator, Molar mass calculator and Dilution of solution calculator.

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124Maps coloring 1.8 (

Maps coloring help you find a very simple pencil and paper proof of the four color problem. This project is dedicated to find a very simple pencil and paper proof of the four color problem. The approach used to try to solve the problem is based on...

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125GenenCalc 1.0 (

GenenCalc is an Adobe AIR application, calculate growth hormone dosing and plot pediatric growth, allows you to quickly and easily plot pediatric growth and calculate growth hormone (GH) dosing. This handy tool now features an updated interface...

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126DayOfWeek 1.0 (

DayOfWeek is a little utility designed to calculate the day of the week, enable you to view the day of the week for any date in the calendar.It is very easy-to-use. Just enter a date in the fields and a message saying what day of the week it is or...

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127SpectralNET 1.0 (

Interactions network analysis made easy. SpectralNET help you analyze networks of interactions, such as chemical-genetic networks.This app was developed to be as easy-to-use as can be: select the file to analyze, adjust a few options and you are...

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128PhyloTrac 2.0 (

PhyloTrac is a environmental sample analysis, is an software for the visualization and analysis of PhyloChip microarrays. The PhyloChip is a popular 16S rRNA gene microarray for microbial surveys, and has been successfully used to study the...

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1291D Collision 1.0 (

Easily simulate a 1D collision with various parameters, allows the user to simulate a 1D collision. The user can set the mass of each object, the initial velocity of each object and the elasticity of the collision. The user can also set the start...

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130Socionics Calculator 1.0 (

Analyze sociotype with this tool. Socionics Calculator is a simple, convenient tool designed to help you see details of sociotype. See relationships between 4 sociotypes on a screen. View socionics clubs, quadras and rings, and relationships...

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131fvar4dat 1.3.2 (

Time-activity data analysis made easy. fvar4dat can add Gaussian noise to time-activity data: SD(t) = Sqrt( c * TAC(t) * Exp(lambda*t) / frame_length ) TAC_noisy(t) = TAC(t) + SD(t)*G(0,1) Input and output TAcs are assumed to be decay corrected.If...

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132iMethy 1.0.2 (

iMethy for investigation and visualization of DNA methylation by high-throughput bisulfite sequencing. DNA analysis made easy.Firstly, it holds the command-line pipeline to align the bisulfite-treated short read, identify the methylcytosine at...

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133Parabinomial Theorem 1.0 (http://www.https:)

Parabinomial Theorem provide fast binomial expansion algorithm. using computer-aided technology to perform expansion of binomials - automatic binomial expanderPerforming complicated binomial expansion in a few clicks, instead of solving them...

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134siflist 1.1.2 (

Analyze SIF files with this software. siflist help you list the information in a SIF file.This software is command prompt based, so dont expect any fancy interface to guide you through the whole process. So, if you looking for a software to...

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135Cricket Projected Score Finder 2.0 (

Cricket Projected Score Finder can calculate the projected score for a cricket match.You can choose from three over types or enter a custom over.Features:1. Over Types 20, 50, 102. Custom Overs can be given

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