Sudoku Soft-Book

Software book of sudoku, killer sudoku, greater than sudoku. 50,000+ puzzles.

Sudoku Soft-Book 1.0
Publisher: Yoogi Games : Free Downloadable Games License: Shareware
Version: 1.0 Date Added: 14 August, 2008
File Size: 2.8 MB Downloads: 42
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Systems: Win98, WinME, WinNT 3.x, WinNT 4.x, WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003


Sudoku is a recently popular number puzzle game from Japan. You need to fill the grid with numbers in such a way that all rows, columns and 3x3 squares have all digits (1-9). These puzzles are printed daily on many leading newspapers.

These puzzles are classified under 3-5 difficulty levels, so you know how difficult a puzzle is, before solving it. All our puzzles are guaranteed to have one and only one solution.

The software includes three varieties of sudoku:
Regular sudoku,
Killer sudoku
Greater than sudoku.

There are about 12 books with 50,000 puzzles in total. Each page has one puzzle. The software features include quick restart, pen and pencil mode of entries, Auto save, recording best times, book marks and many more features. When you leave a page, all your entries are stored, so it appears how you would have written it on a paper or puzzle book, except that there is no wear and tear on the paper or book covers.

You can erase the entries in a page with just one click (the restart button). Also book marks helps you to navigate between pages easily.

Yoogi Games have a syndicate division, where we supply puzzles to many leading newspapers across the world. Our high quality puzzles are now made available in software format, for your solving pleasure.

A must try for sudoku solvers.

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