ThreeDify Office Designer

ThreeDify Office Designer is an innovative 3D tool for viewing, creating, and marking up 3D content that plugs right into your Microsoft Office applications

ThreeDify Office Designer 5. 2. 2001
Publisher: ThreeDify Incorporated License: Shareware
Version: 5. 2. 2001 Date Added: 5 April, 2012
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Systems: WinXP, Windows Vista, Windows2000, Windows2003, Windows7


ThreeDify Office Designer is an innovative 3D tool for viewing, creating, and marking up 3D content that plugs right into your Microsoft Office applications. With Office Designer, you can import and create 3D models; edit them on the fly; and drop in comments and labels from right inside Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access.

Even Better, a 3D object instance that is open in one Office application is available to all your other Office applications, so you can import a 3D model into PowerPoint, and then create a table of all the sub-objects and dimensions in Excel, all with a few mouse clicks.

Why ThreeDify Office Designer?

To our best knowledge, all 3D plug-ins for Microsoft Office currently available on the market are designed for visualization or mark-up purposes with very simple GUI and virtually no modeling and editing capabilities. A typical pre-condition for using these plug-ins is the availability of the 3D digital design in a format that could be imported into the plug-ins (all these plug-ins provide, one way or another, built-in importers for supported 3D file formats). If later on the plug-in user finds that he or she needs to change the existing 3D design to fit the ever changing requirement, the only way to get this done is to go back and use again the same modeling package that was used to create the design in the first place. Once satisfied with the modified design, the user can re-import the design into the plug-in for mark-up and visualization before sending it off for peer review or management sign-off

Needless to say, such a "create -> import-> mark-up-> modify -> import -> mark-up" process is iterative and tedious. Besides, all the mark-up and/or visualization changes that the user has made in the plug-in before switching back to the 3D modeling package will be lost, unless there is yet another (unlikely) way to import and append the changes back into the plug-in which now hosts the modified design.

Enter ThreeDify Office Designer:

Imagine the power and freedom of being able to do this: Create, edit, mark-up, visualize, iterate and communicate your 3D/2D designs right within Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and PowerPoint), in real time and on any page without leaving the Office applications!

This is exactly what ThreeDify Office Designer is designed for. ThreeDify Office Designer is the control mode ThreeDify Designer Pro specifically designed to work within Microsoft Office applications. It runs as a MS Office plug-in and embeds fully within Microsoft Office applications, including its entire user interface. It turns Microsoft Office into a powerful 3D design and communication tool that allows any MS Office users to create, edit, mark-up, visualize and iterate their 3D and 2D CAD designs right within Microsoft Office, in real time and on any page, without ever involving the above-mentioned tedious "create -> import -> mark-up -> modify -> import -> mark-up" process.

Another unique feature of ThreeDify Office Designer is its ability to be simultaneously hosted on multiple pages of an Office application, making it possible to embed and save multiple 3D and 2D (distinct or similar) designs in a single Office document - ideal for design comparison and communication.

For power users, ThreeDify Office Designer is also scriptable inside MS Office via Visual Basic for Applications.

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