Tradeplan DJI

Conservative trading of stocks. Tradeplan products simplify investing. Automatic stock selection, real-time technical analysis, and trade signal generation are some of the many standard features of Tradeplan products.

Tradeplan DJI
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Conservative trading of stocks. Tradeplan products simplify investing. Automatic stock selection, real-time technical analysis, and trade signal generation are some of the many standard features of Tradeplan products.The Tradeplan DJI software was developed for conservative trading of the 30 Dow Jones Industrial Component stocks. Tradeplan DJI has a backtested gain of over 215% since Jan 1st, 2005, with an average of only 7 trades per month.1. PerformanceTradeplan DJI has a back tested gain of over 215% since Jan 4th, 2005, with an average of only 7 trades per month.2 .Stock SelectionTradeplan DJI filters the entire stock market down to the most active 30 blue chip stocks of the Dow Jones Industrial Average Index.3. Trend TradingTradeplan DJI determines the price trend of each stock, and targets stocks that have moved upwards in price. When no stocks are moving up in price, Tradeplan doesn't signal buys - keeping you out of down markets.4. Trade TimingKnowing what to buy is one thing, knowing when to buy is another. Tradeplan DJI signals when target stocks are trading at a discount. So you can get the best possible price.5. Risk ManagementTradeplan DJI minimizes your account risk in several ways:* You choose the total amount of cash you want to invest; Tradeplan computes order quantities to limit purchases to a configurable percentage.* Stop Loss calculation; Tradeplan DJI tracks your cost and displays daily updates to your stop loss price.* Stop Loss alerts; if your stocks reach stop loss thresholds, Tradeplan DJI will signal, helping you avoid losses.* Profit taking; Tradeplan DJI can automatically signal profit taking when your stocks have earned profits above configurable thresholds.6. Back TestingTradeplan DJI automatically back tests each time you run, and displays its hypothetical trades and profits. If you choose to customize Tradeplan, the back testing will use your settings.7. AlertsDon't want to babysit the computer? No problem. Tradeplan can Email trade signals when and where you choose.Tradeplan DJI Features:1. Simple interface, no buttons to press fordaily analysis.2. Built-in back testing of the past 12 years, with full trade logs3. Simple signals: Buy, Sell, Avoid.4. Intra-Day Price Quotes (non-streaming), no data feed subscription required.Requirements:* NET FrameworkPlease Note: this Tradeplan DJI Temporary License will expire 10/1/2010. This license will remove the Evaluation limitations, until it expires.Limitations:1. No automatic real-time quotes - you must click the refresh button when you want price updates & analysis2. No Email notification3. No adding or deleting stocks4. Trading algorithm settings cannot be changed5. Maximum of four price updates & analysis per day

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