Wav-2-Midi is a stand-alone software that converts a wav file containing audio of a guitar playing, to a Midi file with the same information.

Wav-2-Midi 1.0.0
Publisher: www.esatclear.ie License: Freeware
Version: 1.0.0 Date Added: 4 August, 2012
File Size: 5.1 MB Downloads: 40
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Systems: Windows


Wav-2-Midi is a stand-alone software that converts a wav file containing audio of a guitar playing, to a Midi file with the same information.This version of Wav-2-Midi is capable of monotonic note detection, as well as an auto-velocity detection feature (which can be turned off, if the user wishes). Also the sensitivity of the note detection algorithm is adjustable, allowing you to configure the conversion to your own playing style.The appearance of the software is also user-specific, allowing you to adjust the colors and appearance of all text and buttons. Other options for display incorporate skins which you can make yourself to make the software look like you want it to, with a personal touch.Also included is a Wav Editor for playing and recording wav files, as well as a Midi File Player for listening to the Midi files produced by the conversion.Who is Wav-2-Midi for? Have you ever tried to do some Midi work with a keyboard, but failed miserably you cant really play the keyboard because the guitar is your main instrument? Have you used Midi, but was not able to get the proper guitar feel to any guitar tracks? Are you a guitar player who would like to try something new but doesn't have the time to learn a new instrument? Or maybe you are a guitar player who would like to have a way to easily get musical score's of your music?If the answer to any of the above questions is yes then Wav-2-Midi is for you.Wav-2-Midi will allow you to take a wav file recording of you music and change it into Midi, with your music in Midi form the possibilities are endless. You can layer many tracks over each other to create entire songs. You can assign any Midi instrument to the Midi file, thus allowing you to emulate any instrument with just your standard guitar and PC. You can use widely available program to convert your Midi file to Standard Notation or Tablature, easily keeping track of your ideas. ...and many more possibilities too numerous to mention here

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