Webroot Secure Backup

Do you have any important documents, projects and other data Hard disk failure, data damage or deletion by not recognized until now virus, may happen everyone in any time. There is much more similar dangers.

Webroot Secure Backup
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Version: Date Added: 18 July, 2012
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Do you have any important documents, projects and other data Hard disk failure, data damage or deletion by not recognized until now virus, may happen everyone in any time. There is much more similar dangers. Are you ready for a computer disaster Applications can be reinstalled from your original install disks, but data files can't! What would you do if you lost all of your Email data, how about your created documents, database files or family pictures Don't have the money to buy a raid backup system That's all right! A powerful and dependable file and data backup tool can avoid your trouble and bother. There is an excellent and popular file backup tools I will show you. That is Webroot Secure Backup which came from Webroot. Come on with me and view how handy and effective it is!Webroot Secure Backup is a complete data protection solution with both online and local file backup and restores capabilities. Multiple layers of security are used to ensure files are protected during online backups. Data is encrypted twice and transmitted to Webroots high-security data centers via secure socket layer technology. Files that are backed up online are accessible from any PC with Internet access. Send online file links to anyone a great alternative to large e-mail attachments that clog up our inbox. Each version of our old files is saved online until we remove them. Backs up files even when they are open and in use. Webroot Secure Backup protects our digital photos, music, and other critical files from computer crashes, accidental deletion, theft, fire, flood, or any natural disaster. Back up valuable files online and protect them from these threats. For our less crucial files, we can automatically back up to an external hard drive or CD for added safety. With Webroot Secure Backup, our digital files will always be there when we need them.The key functions and benefits of this data protection solution include:1. Webroot Secure Backup can protect our digital photos and other priceless files against virtually any cause of damage or loss such as hard drive crashes, fire, theft and accidental deletion safely and reliably.2. Webroot Secure Backup automatically back up our files every month, week, day or hour; even run continuous backups to save every change to a file as it's made. We never have to remember to back up our files again. Webroot Secure Backup is a complete file protection solution from a trusted name in security. In a side-by-side comparison with similar products.3. Most backup products allow us to back up our files either online or to a local disk. With Webroot Secure Backup, we get both! Not only can we protect our digital photos and other irreplaceable files online, but we can also back up larger or less critical files to local media such as CD-Rs, DVD-Rs and external hard disks.4. Webroot Secure Backup allows us to protect up to 3 PCs. Even if our files are spread across multiple PCs, Webroot Secure Backup backs them up to our online account for one price. Other backup products make us pay to protect each computer separately.5. Webroot Secure Backup allows us to share files with friends and family. Want to share a photo or video without attaching it to an e-mail With Webroot Secure Backup, we can simply email a download link. Built-in security ensures the recipient can only see the file we choose. Most online backup products don't offer this feature at all.6. If we're traveling or forget a file at home, Webroot Secure Backup provides access to our online backups from any PC with an Internet connection, so we can get the file we need no matter where we are.7. Webroot Secure Backup protects our privacy with a three-tier encryption system so our backed up files can not be accessed without our password. Files are encrypted on our PC before they are sent to a Webroot Secure Backup datacenter via a highly-secure connection. Files are then encrypted again for storage on our servers behind layers of electronic and physical security.8. In addition, Webroot Secure Backup stores every file we back up at redundant datacenters in different geographic areas to ensure they are always safe and available to us no matter what happens.9. Webroot Secure Backup is easy to use. Simply select a local or online backup, choose our files and frequency, and we're done! Webroot Secure Backup runs in the background so our files are protected without interrupting our PC activity; even files that are open and in use are quietly and safely backed up.In a word, Webroot Secure Backup is one of the better products out there. With all these features, simple interface, excellent usability, low cost and free trial period - why are you still reading Download the free trial now and experience how powerful and effective it is at once! If you feel this utility is helpful indeed, introduce it to your friends please!Webroot Secure Backup protects your digital photos and other priceless files against virtually any cause of damage or loss such as hard drive crashes, fire, theft and accidental deletion. Automatic protection of your digital photos and other irreplaceable files from the leader in PC security. Free 30-Day Trial, 2GB of Storage.

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