Winamp Deskband

Winamp Deskband was created to be a space saver and to allow faster access to Winamp functions.The desk band features many functions, as run/show/hide Winamp, playback control, volume control, shortcuts to open file/jump to file dialogs.

Winamp Deskband 1.2.2 Alpha
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Version: 1.2.2 Alpha Date Added: 21 December, 2012
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Winamp Deskband was created to be a space saver and to allow faster access to Winamp functions.The desk band features many functions, as run/show/hide Winamp, playback control, volume control, shortcuts to open file/jump to file dialogs. It can be moved and docked everywhere on the desktop, and even be a floatable window.The toolbar is fully skinnable and customizable, and a comprehensive documentation is included.Toolbar docked to the taskbar that can be used to control Winamp.Winamp Deskband Features:It reduces clutter on your desktop:1. There is no need for a desktop- or quicklaunch icon for winamp, since winamp is automatically launched by the deskband when required2. You can configure winamp to be hidden from the taskbar and the systemtray, because you can show/hide the winamp window(s) through the deskband3. The deskband is skinnable and supports multiple languages, so you can make it blend into your desktop perfectly4. The visibility and order of the buttons on the deskband is fully configurable, so you can display as few or as many buttons as you require or prefer5. The deskband can be configured to show the current track title and/or time, or a visualization when the mouse is not in over the deskband. This way it displays meaningful information when you are not using the deskbandFast and easy usage:1. Winamp functionality is always available, either through the deskband itself or through the system-wide hotkeys.2. After using one of the deskband buttons, window focus is instantly returned to the window you were working in.3. Your bookmarks are easily accessable through the bookmarks-button. Also when selecting a bookmark, by default, winamp deskband does not clear winamps internal playlist (as winamp does).4. Full volume control (Volume Up, Volume Down, Volume Mute) is provided for both master volume and winamp volume. So there is no need for a volume control tray icon.5. You can easily switch between installed media players (If you like to use a particular media player for a particular media type)6. One click shutdown/hibernate/log off/reboot windows (And a [Return] just to be safe)Requirements:* Winamp 5 or above* Windows Media Player

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