yet another swing unit test tool

unit testing tool for java swing application

yet another swing unit test tool 1.0
Publisher: Yasutt License: Freeware
Version: 1.0 Date Added: 21 February, 2013
File Size: Downloads: 5
Editor Rating:
Systems: Windows


unit testing tool for java swing application

yet another swing unit test tool 1.0 Related Software
  • Yet Another Swing Library 1.2
    Yet Another Swing Library (YASL) is a library for Java developers containing Swing components, utilities, and a framework for Swing applications.
  • YAMLIT 1.0
    Yet Another Meta Languge Indentation Tool YAMLIT can indent or compress HTML and XML for easy reading, or bandwidth saving respecively. Similar to HTML Tidy but will NOT verify the document against a DTD.
  • YADIYTAF 1.0
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  • ShReport 1.0
    Yet another template driven reporting tool for Java.
  • YAVEL 1.0
    YAVEL (Yet Another VEx Library) is a set of tool that allows you to develop for your Vex robot (either Pic or Cortex one) freely from Linux or Windows. It's a great alternative to RobotC, EasyC or even MPLAB (which are not free).
  • YapFat 1.0
    "Yet Another Personal Financial Analysis Tool" - Started as a small spreadsheet to manage personal budgets, but evolved into more.
  • YAORM 1.0
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  • QUnitlib 1.0
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  • lvSwing 1.0
    Yet another Swing utils package. Include panel with custom layout manager and POJO auto-binding.
  • PowerUnit b115
    An Unit Test tool for PowerBuilder Applicatoin development. Command line support mode and xml result generation make it easily fitting into CruiseContol integration server.

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