Yosemite Server Backup

Yosemite Server Backup is a complete and affordable data backup and protection solution, enabling you to backup all of your data and restore it quickly in the event of disaster.1. Backup Windows and Linux2.

Yosemite Server Backup 8.9
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Yosemite Server Backup is a complete and affordable data backup and protection solution, enabling you to backup all of your data and restore it quickly in the event of disaster.1. Backup Windows and Linux2. "Hot" backup of SQL Server, Exchange3. Bare Metal Disaster RecoveryWith broad support for multiple server applications, operating systems, and backup devices, Yosemite Server Backup provides a centralized interface to manage your entire backup strategy.1. Cross-platform support for Windows and Linux2. Agents for Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server, and more3. "Bare Metal Restore" from backups4. Efficient compression and encryption of data5. High-performance, concurrent data streams for backup and recovery6. Backs up to disk, CD/DVD, tape drives, autoloaders, and robotic libraries7. Automated scheduling and media rotation interfaces8. Alerting of backup completion or errors9. Centralized management across multiple servers, applications, and devicesPowerfulBased on over a decade-long development history rooting from its origins as Tapeware, Yosemite Server Backup is a mature, reliable, and trusted solution protecting the data of millions of users worldwide. With cross-platform support across your Windows and Linux environments, you can apply consistent data protection policies from a single interface.Easy-to-UseScheduling backups is easy through a simple calendar interface. For removable media systems, Yosemite Server Backup can automate and guide your tape rotation strategy. For automated media libraries, Yosemite Server Backup can automatically control any robotics that load your media. Automated email notifications can keep you informed of your backup completions or any problems encountered during backup operations.AffordableYosemite Server Backup combines the best of both worlds, offering superior performance and flexibility over backup utilities bundled with operating systems and devices without the complex licensing and administration models of other commercial backup solutions.Yosemite Server Backup Features:1. Number of computers protected Up to 5,000 (purchased separately)2. Continuous backup of files when saved3. Near continuous backup of open files4. Backup locally when disconnected5. Synchronize to connected data vaults6. Restore without IT involvement7. Included policy server8. Centralized configuration9. Centralized data protection policy10. Centralized retention policyA backup and recovery system is an integral part of a company's data security. The capability to back up and restore data quickly and efficiently can mean the difference between survival and failure. Yosemite Server Backup provides users with the ability to back up and restore data across a network as part of a comprehensive backup plan. This section describes basic concepts of a backup and recovery system and how these are implemented with Yosemite Server Backup.Whether your work environment consists of a single computer in a home or small office, several computers connected to a network server, or hundreds of computers connected to multiple network servers, a minimum data protection plan requires the capability to back up and restore all of the important data files.At a minimum, data that cannot be reloaded onto the system from installation disks, network-based security settings, company-generated databases should all be backed up for easy retrieval in the event of a data disaster. The important data might be a word processing file, Ecommerce transactions, network user account and password information, and so on.The data you protect and how long it remains available on backup media will depend on legal requirements for your industry and your own company policies. Whatever your data storage requirements might be, you should have a basic understanding of the types of backup operations and your own computer environment.The Windows download contains code for all supported Windows operating systems. Execute this package on a Windows machine it will extract to a temporary folder and then setup.exe should start as soon as the package is finished extracting.

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