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Zeta Producer is a Desktop Content Management System (CMS) based upon Windows.A CMS enables you to easily manage your internet website without the need to have any HTML knowledge at all.

Zeta Producer Desktop 7
Publisher: zeta software GmbH License: Freeware
Version: 7 Date Added: 23 June, 2009
File Size: 17.8 MB Downloads: 18
Editor Rating: 5 Stars
Systems: WinXP, Windows2000, Windows2003
System requirements: MS Internet Explorer 6, MS Data Access Components 2.6, MS JET Database Engine 4.0, MS .NET Framework


A CMS enables you to easily manage your internet website without the need to have any HTML knowledge at all. If you can write a letter in a word processing application, you can instantly publish your website to the internet within minutes!


Individual creating and designing layouts
The attractive layouts are programmed in modern XHTML and offer many opportunities for professional and individual designs.

Managing Multiple Projects
You can create as many websites as you like. Creating a completely new website will be as easy as creating a new document with your word processor application.

Active Objects
Active Objects are specialized article styles that enable you to make your website even more attractive and usable.

RSS function
The RSS function enables you to publish your articles as an RSS feed. RSS is a standard format being offered by many websites and weblogs and is compatible with all modern browsers and various so called "RSS reader" applications.

Forms Designer
The Forms Designer lets you publish forms to your website without any HTML or script programming knowledge. With these forms you allow your vistors to send information by E-mail.

Multi View
The "Multi View" simplifies the editing of a website because all elements of a page are shown on one single screen in parallel. You can immediately start editing your articles with a single click. Further, your screen space is being used more economically, especially on wide screen displays.

Startup Center
The Startup Center enables you to configure the startup behavior of Zeta Producer.

Automatically publish backups to an FTP server
You can specify an FTP server to which your backup is automatically published after being created. In case of a local data-loss you still have your backup on your remote server.

Validating Hyperlinks
The function helps you to protect you from invalid hyperlinks. If you regularly use this function to validate your hyperlinks, erroneous hyperlinks will be a thing of the past.

CSS print output
All Zeta Producer layouts contain a special style sheet for the print output. All modern web browsers will use this media specific style sheet to directly switch to the print version. Therefore the content of your website can be printed by simply clicking the menu item. In addition you can add a print option within the extra menu of your website.

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Zeta Producer Desktop 7 Keyword
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  • Zeta Producer Desktop CMS
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  • zeta producer Desktop English 6
    zeta producer Desktop is a desktop content management system based upon MS Windows.
  • Homepage Generator Zeta Producer CMS
    Make your own website for FREE with professional website builder CMS. Zeta Producer enables you to publish your very own Internet website within a few minutes.

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